About us

Valhalla Tribe is located in Northern Europe, Finland to be specific. The land of cold dark winter and endless hot summer days, the homeland of Santa Claus, Sauna and Salmiakki, the country with most metal bands per capita, homeland of Nokia, Kone, Supercell and F-Secure.

As a Finn, I am a pure Metalhead. No genres nor sub-genres, just Metal. The designs are all about that. Rock 'n' Roll and good looks with a touch of good will. Our every product is made from broken instrument components played by artists. They are handcrafted and designed in Finland.

The idea of recycling music for charity came to me in 2016. I was just thinking how great would it be to use same strings as jewellery as what my idols have played and touched. To feel the same energy and talent. To be a little closer to your idol. And at the same time you donate to charity and artists recycle their used strings.

The main focus is on you Fans. You make everything possible. The details are there in the jewellery just for you. Whose strings, where used, numbered and so on. Unfortunately, these are always limited editions, so you need to hurry to get yours.

And the artists. We offer you a wide selection of artists and bands. You can probably find your favourite artist here already or in the near future. If you don't, you can suggest the artist/band to join the Tribe. One man's trash is another man's treasure, as you know already.

Recycling music for charity.

- Marko Kinnunen, founder of Valhalla Tribe.