Hello. It is time to do some writings and update a little bit what we are up to. Next week Valhalla is at Virgin Oil with pop up -store. S-Tool will release their album Tolerance 0 which we have been waiting for. It is an honor to be there.

All kinds of jewelry are coming soon, S-tool related mostly. We have now 4 goldsmiths on our tribe. That makes everything easier and especially faster. Soon you get the photos, bios and so on of our new tribe members. And as usual, we are planning a new stuff already. New bracelet to be specific. Let us see how it works.

At this point, I want to thank all of you who have helped Valhalla. It means lot to us. We have accomplished lot and still is more to gain. People start to already recognize our name, which tells me that we have done many things correct.

See you at the gigs. 

Recycling Music for Charity,



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