Pop Upping

A great weekend is over. Friday in Joensuu at Kerubi and Saturday in Kuopio at Henry´s Pub. I have to thank the venues and S-TOOL having us there to make us known. It was a privilege. And most of all thank you all the customers/fans/ who visited us, made suggestions about bands and jewelleries and bought jewelry. We are now thinking a new line of products, so it was very important for us to know what you really want us to do. 

Upcoming weekend we are (again!) at Kuopio. Tinos Tattoo has a tattoo festival, so we are there. It is fun to see people getting inked. Take money with you (we accept cards), get inked, buy our jewelry and look amazing. Have fun at the venue, drink few beers and watch great bands/artists.

Long story short. Be yourself and see you at Kuopio.

Recycling Music for Charity,


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Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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