Tinos Tattoo Expo in Kuopio was great. First of all thanks to our new customers, you Rock. It is always a pleasure to meet new people. Get new ideas (we are actually making few wishes to come true) and have some fun with you all. It was very interesting to see that nowadays there are lots of variations with styles and pictures in tattoos. Portraits, Japanese, BlacknWhite, lots of colors and so on and so on. Totally different what it was on 90´s and that is good.

At the moment Ville Laihiala (S-Tool) Valhalla RoundWound is the most selling jewelry. Second is Jouni Hynynen (Kotiteollisuus) Valhalla RoundWound. Necklaces are selling. Good thing. Next pop up -store what we have, is at Kotiteollisuus gig. So you can see all the Kotiteollisuus jewelry in person. Yesterday I saw the Kotiteollisuus -bracelets. Those are almost done and looked very good. And we should have Sinkkonen necklaces ready made, too.

Upcoming weekend we have no popup -store. On Friday it is Mustasch at Kerubi. It is my 5th time to see them live. At IlosaariRock a few years back they replaced Motörhead. Lemmy (R.I.P.) had some health issues. No Motörhead at my hometown, but Mustasch did well.

On Saturday we are chopping wood for winter. You need no gym when you live in the countryside. So I think on Sunday it is a well-deserved rest day. See you at gigs.

Recycling Music for Charity,


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