Last weeks has flown by. We have new artist joined our tribe and the new line of jewelry is now all done. The new artist is Marco Hietala. It is a privilege to work with him. Charity is not decided yet, but soon we can announce it. 

Why the silence, you might ask. We had a little holiday in Italy, Bologna. The mighty Metallica had a concert there, and we were watching them. Front row as usual. Little different Valentines Day. Even it was "winter" in Italy, the temperature was between 3-10 degrees, so it felt like summer to us Finns. We visited other towns and country too. Venice, Rimini and San Marino. If you ever travel to San Marino, visit museums of Torture and Vampires. The Museum of Torture especially makes you think about humanity. Very disturbing place.

We had a chance to talk with the local fans and fans from the other countries. It is amazing that Metallica has fans from all age groups. And the show was great. Mainly new stuff, Hardwired, Halo, Spit, Moth... 18 songs all together. Kvelertak was great too. It was my fourth time for both bands and Kvelertak is getting better and better every time I have seen them.  Metallica is always great.

Now back to business. We have negotiations going on with several new artists to join our tribe. Nordic countries are well presented also. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook. You got the latest news from those channels. 

And bands start touring. We are going to be at the few gigs during the spring. Check our facebook site to see which ones. 

Recycle Music for Charity,


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