Good Things Come Slow

Kekkonen, Kekkonen, Kekkonen, Kekkonen... Just kidding, the real deal goes Hanttu, Hirvonen, Laihiala... Bracelets (2 different sizes) and necklaces are ready. I am so excited about this. It took a while, but good things come slow. Next step is to make ready the Kotiteollisuus bracelets and necklaces including Mr. Sinkkonen. We got his cymbal to work with. More stuff is coming.

And today I get my S-Tool vinyl. I think I have heard all the songs during gigs (3 so far), but it is always nice to hear everything on vinyl. I am a vinyl enthusiastic. I collect mostly Metallica, but the other bands I like I buy vinyl. Too old to change my habits. I have Spotify, but it is not the same.

Tomorrow Helsinki. See you at Virgin Oil at S-Tool album release party. Yesterday I listened the interview of Aksu and Ville at Radio Rock.  S-Tool is going to play cover songs and Metallica was mentioned. My guess is Damage Inc. or Leper Messiah. We will hear the right answer tomorrow. 

Recycling Music for Charity,




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