Back to Business

Now it is over. Holidays I mean :) LA was great, Las Vegas (hot) in 2 days was nice to visit (we got married by Elvis :) and Metallica was great as usual. Even though our seats were far from the stage, the show was awesome. Fuel with fire, Robs bass solo with Cliff's video footage (probably from For Whom the Bell Tolls, Cliff ´em All) and fireworks ending the show. Usually, I don´t see those things, because of the GA place and near the front row. Our picture ended up KLOS955 Insta feed. We were wandering around the festival area with big Finnish flag with slogan Finnish  ´em All. 

Last Saturday we were back in business. We drove 130km to Kuopio and saw our band Happoradio live. It is a little different kind of music what I usually listen. If they come near you, go see them live. We have now Markku´s crash cymbal and AH´s guitar strings. New stuff coming soon.

In near future, we should have S-Tool and Kotiteollisuus new jewelry ready. The design looked great I tell you. We are looking for new talents to join our Tribe. New and fresh ideas and so on. If you are in Helsinki area September 16th, come to say hello. We are there selling some new stuff.

Recycling Music for Charity,


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