Juha-Pekka Riihelä

I am jewelry designer Juha-Pekka Riihelä from Kuopio, Finland. My world consist of unique made-to-order production and manufacturing my own design line of jewelry.
Key elements in my jewelry are the quality without compromises and use of the best materials. All of my products are meant to last from generation to generation in day-to-day life and celebration. I create wedding and engagement rings, confirmation presents, birthday presents, memorial pieces and all the other sort of jewelry and small items.
The most common materials I use are silver and gold but bronze, palladium, platinum can be used as well. I love to use all sort of gemstones as a part of my jewelry. Naturally many other materials such as wood and leather can be used to create unique things of beauty.
Riihelä Koru Ky
Juha-Pekka Riihelä
+358 50 304 6922
Korson Suutari

Milja Paldanius

I’m Milja Paldanius a silversmith from Suomussalmi, Finland. I specialize in handcrafted jewelry and decorative items made from silver, though I also use other metals and materials if needed. My jewelry designs are inspired by many things but nature and all that it offers is more often than not my muse.In addition to my own creations I make unique jewelry to customers specifications and fix or clean silver jewelry/decorative items.
Hopeasepänpaja Korpilintu
Milja Paldanius
+358 44 240 3767